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I met May Lee in 2021 during a virtual conference, and instantly, we made a genuine connection. Recently, she joined a virtual fireside chat event, in celebration of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Our discussion was inspirational, while also sharing some of the challenges and opportunities we face in our communities. May is an authentic and inspirational leader, creating an open and inclusive space for us to share our stories and experiences. We stand on the shoulders of great leaders, and May is passionate about creating meaningful and sustainable change to drive our community forward. 

-Lisa Chang, Global Chief People Officer, The Coca-Cola Company

May has been one of the most dynamic guest speakers we have had the pleasure of hosting. She delivered content and information that were both impactful and honest. May left us with lessons, considerations and perspectives for us to carry with us moving forward, as we continue to do our equity work. If you're looking for someone who leads with facts but finishes with first-person account storytelling, in a welcoming and authentic manner - May is the best woman for the job"

-Lindsay LaBennett, Senior Director DE&I, Wasserman

For companies committed to health equity like ours, I find it so valuable yet rare for the whole company to have the opportunity to learn about the history, disparities, and current challenges in AAPI communities.  May’s research was thorough. Her insights on current events resonated with my Asian and non-Asian colleagues.  As an Asian American employee, I am thankful May was able to speak for our AAPI community within the company, and I believe we will be better at serving the greater AAPI community for it.

-Katherine Yue, SCAN Health

May's expertise in Anti Asian Racism, is built on years of journalism experience which she weaves masterfully into an hour of education. It was incredibly impactful having her bring our organization together and unite us in stopping anti Asian racism. Within one hour, she was able to move, inspire and empower our team by setting important historical context, sharing personal stories to build empathy and delivering resources for next steps. 

-Thansha Sadacharam, Head of Learning, DECIEM

May Lee is someone we brought into our company for AAPI month originally in 2021 and we loved her so much we brought her back for a 2nd year. Her programming is always super informative and always catered to be relevant to our specific field (Marketing & Advertising). From providing an in-depth history of the AAPI community, educating on the diversity within AAPI, illuminating damaging stereotypes and talking through the importance of AAPI’s role or lack thereof in Media - everyone walked away with a new understanding and appreciation for the community. Beyond an appreciation, every session May lee provides actionable takeaways for folks to use in their day-to-day and I’ve seen the learnings applied first hand. I highly recommend May for any company to engage with and have personally learned so much from her.

-Kris Singer, Vice President, Client Services, Fohr​

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